Delhi Public School
Damanjodi, Nalco Township, Dist. Koraput, Odisha - 763008

The success and effectiveness of an institution is determined by the captain, the person at the helm of affairs. The captain leads the team to victory by instilling among members sound work ethics. Delhi Public School Damanjodi has a brilliant trail of leaders who as the Principal assured the growth and evolution of the school as an institution to reckon with.

In its days of infancy, the school had the fortune to be nurtured by the visionary, Shri Ranjeev Taneja who as the Founder-Principal set a formidable standard of work. Worthy of emulation by all till the present times, Shri Taneja helped the school to grow holistically. Be it the standard of academics, the co-curricular activities, the functions or the social life, each sphere was attended to with an eye for detailed perfection. Shri Ranjeev Tanjeja continues to inspire all at DPS Damanjodi even today. His parent-like involvement is par excellence and can never be forgotten.

Late Jeevan Ganguly succeeded the illustrious Shri Ranjeev Taneja. Known for his penchant for creativity and knowledge, Late Jeevan Ganguly took the school to a new level of excellence. The academic fraternity is indebted to the noble soul for his loving leadership laced with care and ability to reach out to each and every one in the school.

If the school’s history can boast of its Golden Age then it’s the period when Shri P.S.Chandrashekhara served as the Principal. Shri Chandrashekhara’s  dynamic stewardship saw the school hosting the East Zone CBSE Cluster Meet(Sports) very successfully. The trailblazing leadership of Shri Chandrashekhara ushered in not only acadmic brilliance but also literary and cultural excellence.  A strict disciplinarian, Shri Chandrashekhara helped the school to carve a niche for itself in the DPS Map.

He was very ably succeeded by Ms. Seema Bhatnagar. The widely – travelled, graceful and cheerful Ms. Seema Bhatnagar brought about constructive changes in the system to aid in the school’s emergence and evolution into one of the best schools in the region.

After the unparalleled stint of Ms. Bhatnagar, the school welcomed the sterling gentleman  of letters, Shri L.B.Sharma as its Principal. It was the impeccable foresight of Shri Sharma that the school came together to host the Inter-DPS Folk Dance Festival for Zone – 4  “Nrityanjali” in August 2012. The school crossed many a milestones in the competitions and co-curricular arena. Students brought more laurels in Olympiads, Science Congress so on and so forth.

After the illumined phase, the school that has by now learnt not to look back was blessed to have Shri Subrahmanya K.S. as the Principal. The charisma of  Shri Subrahmanya blend finely with his erudition making him the much sought-after leader. Accepted and adored by colleagues and students alike, under his guidance, the school has already started authoring success stories. The recently – concluded Inter-DPS Hindustani Vocal Music Festival “Swaranjali” for Zone – 4 bears testimony to his eye for perfection and finesse. The school is all set to scale heights of excellence and success under Shri Subrahmanya K.S.

It was during his captaincy that the school made a mark in the International circuit as 'Google Girl' Ms. Lalita Prasida Sripada was felicitated for her project on corn cobs.

The school has ushered in a fresh phase of sound work ethics and values with the resuming of duties of Ms. Deepanwita Das as the Principal of the institution. Under her able tutelage and guidance of excellence in academics and co-curricular activities tending to holistic development.